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The introduction of SzolVegy Kft.

The predecessor company the Kelep Vegyipari Limited Company was formed in 1991. In the beginning the company produces Kelep adhesives for offices and schools, and Kelep ink for stamp pads. The products are distributed and retailed by the company itself from the beginning. The activity, the turnover and the customers of the Kelep Bt. are motivated to form limited company. So the Szolvegy Limited Liability Company is begun it is activity in 1st July 1998. On spring 2002 the company is moved to a larger and more modern site. It makes possible the the further rise of the product range and the produced quantity.

Beside producing of Kelep adhesives for offices and scholl, and Kelep ink for stamp pad, as a result of development the producing and selling of indusrtial adhesives, adhesives for bindery and heat -insulator foams were begun. The company buys the manufacturing rights of Biocera bio grafting and healing wax. In the beginning we produce industrial adhesives for the wood industry, afterwards we extended our product range with adhesives for the paper and packaging industry. Our production in these areas is increased dynamically year by year. In 2004 we began the development of the production of label adhesives. At the moment we offer labeling adhesives for metal, glass and PET container. We buy the raw material from the European Union (Austria, German, and Italy), and the subsidiary and packaging material are purchased from Hungary.

The Technobond D3 and D4 adhesives have classification issued by Institute für Fenstertechnik Rosenheim.

The regional representatives and resellers can be found in most parts of the country, making our products more accessible. Find specific information in this regard under the Resellers and Contact section.